Le Petit Breakfast

For our European readers (eee!) to understand where we came from – Texas is known for the slogan ‘everything is bigger in Texas’, whether this is true or not is up for debate, but that’s how they see it. Texas, ‘Merica.

So, coming from that mindset to Europe, where they cram eight people into a two person elevator, I’m quite concerned about my personal space bubble. People stand next to us while waiting for the Metro, when there is puh-lenty of waiting space on the platform. It’s pretty strange. I’m really worried about J at the grocery store..

european breakfast

Here is J’s Belgian version of his egg sandwich, minus the sugar…I just put that on everything. Would you just look at that leetle egg cart?!



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2 responses to “Le Petit Breakfast

  1. Haha!such a great idea for a post, esp. Since my friends and family are always asking what im eating around here;) im totally stealing the idea;)
    Very nice blog. I just discovered you but will be coming back!

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