Sweet Little Sunday

One of the biggest things we miss from Dallas is feeling accountable to Deacon Tim, our wedding officiant, and spending time in the gorgeous church that he married us in. Being married has to be the most fulfilling feeling in the world and the fact that we were able to revisit where it took place every week was wonderful. Not to mention, being silly and trying to strategically sit on the side that we thought Deacon Tim would be giving communion, so that we could share a smile with him once a week. We miss it already, but we were pumped to find that there was a church with an English service only a short walk from our new apartment!

Did you know there is no A/C here? None. Nada. You just open the windows – one of us is from South Louisiana….it’s insane. The other from the Pacific Northwest…completely normal.  Alas, thankfully, Sunday was utterly beautiful here.  All of the windows and doors were open, so it made it feel like we were having mass outside.  Except that we were surrounded by stained glass windows and vaulted ceilings and the perfect mixture of brick and white..

St. Joseph's Community, Brussels

Am I allowed to take these?

In addition, this Sunday was Car Free Sunday. Once a year, Brussels holds a day where car traffic is not allowed and all public transportation is free. There were bikes, skateboards and rollerbladers EVERYwhere, which we determined were more reckless than the average reckless vehicle on the streets.

We took advantage and had brunch in the middle of the street at Place Brugmann and walked through multiple street fairs and markets in Chatelain, Jourdan and Flagey.

Place Jourdan

Brass band at Place Jourdan.

Car Free Sunday, Brussels

Groups and groups of bicyclists.

Car Free Sunday, Brussels

Even the littlest of bicyclists stopping at the red lights.

Tres bien!

A and J



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2 responses to “Sweet Little Sunday

  1. Beautiful pix, Annie. Thanks so much for sharing them with us. Seems like both of you are having a good time and are adjusting to your new life.

  2. Thanks Beverly! It’s helping to keep track of what we do because we’ve crammed so much into such a short time…we’re loving it here!

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