Royally Impressed

J has set the bar pretty high when it comes to Date Nights – there was the impromptu flight to Austin on our 4th date, the balloon room at the Nasher (which we ended up making several trips to take everyone to because it was too fun not to share – totally different experiences going with heels and champagne vs. tennis shoes and 11 year old twin boys), and not to mention the countless shows we’ve seen together (I miss having the Dallas Observer photog shout outs because they saw us so much)…just to name a few. So, now that we’re in a totally new area of the world, where their thought process for even the tiniest of mundane regularities is turned sideways, we didn’t know what to expect for our daily routine, much less how we were going to surprise each other with thoughtful local gestures. Local – aah! Well, it turns out, Europe has already done the hard work for us. All we have to do is put on comfortable shoes and head outside..with or without a destination. 

So, last Friday, our destination was the Royal Palace here in town. Well, the outside of it at least. The inside is only open during the summer months – stay tuned for next year. 

Without further ado, we present to you, Le Palais Royal de Bruxelles –

It’s the official palace of the King of the Belgians located in the center of Brussels. Not his residence, but where he holds official business and large receptions – we’ll let you know AS SOON as we get our invite.

Royal Palace, Brussels

Royal Palace, Brussels

I convinced J that we just HAD to take pictures like soldiers. I mean, it would probably be unpatriotic or something if we didn’t, and we just moved here. He obliged, but only because I promised I would take one too. So, in all fairness, I’m posting both..(isn’t he cute)

Royal Palace, BrusselsRoyal Palace, Brussels

The royals have a pretty stellar view of the top of La Grand Place.

The gates are lined with mildly inappropriate cherubs

and these two lions.

And, if you look closely enough, this statue looks like a framed J –




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2 responses to “Royally Impressed

  1. Once again, thanks for sharing your beautiful pictures. The architecture always amazes me. Most of the buildings are very old and seem to have aged beautifully. The workmanship is truly amazing when you think about what was available back then. FYI.. both you and J look great. Hope you are adapting well to your new home and atmosphere. Love to both.

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