Noah’s Ark

I’m normally pretty opposed to posting pictures of the flowers that J brings home, because it implies that it’s a special event..or rather, a rare event. And he deserves muuch more credit than that. However, this week’s bunch is a little different. We’ve had an adventurous few days to say the least. I wish I could say adventurously hiking mountains or swimming with the fish, but instead we’re just swimming…in water leaking from our ceiling. Yes, again. I had a similar, but uber worse, issue back in Dallas. We’ve moved countries and I’m still attracting the water – sorry J!

We started to move into our new place last weekend, but have been staying in the apart-hotel since we couldn’t figure out how the heaters work (just add it to the list). Also, we’re having a hard time finding blankets in this city – so strange. Monday night, we woke up to the sound of dripping – grrr. The emergency fix-it guy came out and determined the guy two floors above us detached the drain in his shower and the floor right above us is vacant, so it flooded into ours. He gave us a key to another unit for the night. We thought we were in the clear, but Tuesday night…same sound, without the generous fix-it guy on duty. So, 1am, we drove across town to our new place…very thankful that we have the luxury of this option! Actually, it all ended up working out fine for Wednesday night, since they switched us to a much higher unit and I get this view while I describe our week to you:

Schaerbeek, Brussels

Oh yes, and the flowers. J surprised me with a bundle last week – it was cute. But, we packed our favorite vases in the shipping container (that will get here in a couple of weeks) and threw out the rest. So, the flowers sat on the dining table in our apart-hotel while we tended to our new place all weekend and then the flooding during the week. Tuesday, we came home to our bouquet nestled in the bottom half of a water bottle – our cleaning lady had cut us out a make-shift vase – how stinkin sweet! And, truth be told, it’s the only thing that’s made it up to our upgraded suite….until 5 minutes before J gets home, then I’ll be motivated to pack the bags..

02 - noah's ark

I hope your week is much more dry! Here’s some Goodness.


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