Dear Friday..

Dear Luxembourg, Can’t wait to meet you tomorrow. Maybe you could be sunny for us?

Dear Furniture, Please get here soon. We miss you.

Dear 1950s, It was nice visiting you the other day as I sat in my belgian newcomers class learning what french products I should be using to clean my house while my husband was at work. It’s okay, I gave the notes to him when we got home. You have cute aprons and all, but i’m not going near that kitchen. Love, A

Dear Makeup, Sorry. Maybe next week.. Au natural, A

Dear Lovelady, Your TV show might be right.  One of the first things we noticed when we moved into our temp housing was apparently Brussels’ permanent reminder to be on the lookout for UFO’s…right outside our window no less. No aliens thus far, but they do store band equipment on top…maybe they require good music?

It actually looks super cool at night. The part under the band glows and the led lights circle around it like they’re dancing to techno music.

j and a phone home.

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  1. oh wow! have fun in luxembourg! and yes—i like the 50’s aprons too, but let’s share the cleaning-love, people 🙂

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