Finally Some Music

Live music was the thing that brought J and I together. Dates 1, 2 and 4 were shows (3 was at the Terminal B Chili’s at DFW, as I was flying in and he was flying out). After that, hips: attached. We switch back and forth introducing each other to new bands since we have totally different styles. Actually, in the beginning, we maaaaybe had two current bands that we both knew, other than that, our two quite long lists didn’t overlap. 

Enter: Lisa Hannigan. An Irish singer, songwriter and musician. I was hooked on her music (and Ireland) with THIS video. So, when we heard she would be at the Cirque Royal in Brussels, duh.

LH opened for Glen Hansard, one half of the duo The Swell Season. Sensational music. Sensational night. Check out their tunes while you take a gander at the venue..





2 responses to “Finally Some Music

  1. annbakes7

    i saw both at the palladium in dallas a couple years back! love love loveeeeeeeeeeee them all. SS is so passionate..and lisa is plain groovy. and that is the exact video where i formed a crush on her.

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