Mama Jo Day

Some people come into your life and make it a little sweeter, a little brighter with their smile or kind words. And then there’s my mom. My mom exponentially makes any room a better place. She is the most gentle, kind-hearted, selfless person I know. And this special day is her birthday. So, even though she’ll probably fuss at me for being boastful (because she’s perfectly humble), she deserves a little braggin’ on.

My mom was there for every practice, every camp, every recital. She worked a full time job and always made me feel like I was first priority.

She adopted the name Mama Jo when I was in high school because she was like a second mama to all of my friends. It’s hard not to love her instantly and she’ll make you feel important as soon as you have her attention.

When I was little, she would put me to bed at night and we’d say our prayers…the Our Father and Hail Mary, and a special one that would break them down so that little kid A could understand what they meant and how I was supposed to use them daily. Sometimes I’ll have voicemails on my phone of her reciting it to me because she misses me ‘teach us to do good things for other people, to be kind and gentle’…I love those messages.

Oh, and I’m pretty sure J and Mama Jo are the cutest ever together. They warm my heart. She brags on him for being such a great hubby and he’s accepted that IF I had to choose, it would be Mama Jo – 1a and J – 1b…good thing I don’t have to choose..

image by Taylor Lord Photography

Happy Birthday Mama Jo! You keep me centered and I’m proud to call you ‘Mom’ every day of my life.




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