Waterloo Who?

We have our own little piece of war-time history in our backyard, so we finally took some time to check it out. Waterloo is a suburb of Brussels. You may or may not know that J and I are allergic to the suburbs, so we called a friend to come along for support…she’s from a town an hour away from my hometown (small world much?) and has the two cutest little girls. After getting in our fill of history, she and her hubby had us over for HOMEMADE margs and shrimp bisque…seriously. I’m still drooling.

I’m not a history buff, so I had to learn a few things during our sightseeing. So, I’ll share a few with you, but I’m assuming you already know this….

The Battle of Waterloo was fought in 1815 in Belgium, what was then in the United Kingdom of the Netherlands. Napoleon’s French wore blue and Wellington’s Anglo-Dutch wore red, so it was pretty. Napoleon lost, which ended his rule as Emperor of the French…poor guy. Then they constructed a monument called the Butte de Lion (Lion’s Hillock)….it’s really a hill with a Lion on top. And according to Les Miserables, the Duke of Wellington complained that they altered his battlefield. Sheesh. Can’t please the man.

Once you climb the 226ish stairs, you can barely even see the lion..

But you can see some pretty sweet views of Belgium..

We also went into this tomb with a 360 degree panorama painting of the one-day battle equipped with life-like un-alive figures of men and innocent horses.


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  1. Anne

    “Allergic to the suburbs” – my new favorite line 🙂

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