Scenes from the Seine

I’m still in Paris mode because, let’s be honest, we never should have left. I’m totally planning our retirement there, unless of course, we stumble across a city just as cool but warmer and drier.

Our part of Europe is quite rainy, so a sunny day is always welcomed with way more appreciation that I’m used to. I was confused why our Croatian friends made a big deal about how to find the sun in Belgium, but then all too quickly found out what they meant. So, we were thankful when the clouds held off long enough for us to walk along the river banks (scoping out our retirement island). 

The Seine River, Paris

I’d say it’s a must-do when you’re here. Take a break from checking off the sights on your list and just stroll near the water….much more romantic. The Seine intersects the fast-paced city and the two remaining natural islands. One of the islands holds the Notre Dame Cathedral. It’s quite stunning to look up and see the Cathedral at a bend or two. We stopped to watch one of the locks on the canal – did you know there are NINE locks on the Seine?! That’s alotta locks. Thanks engineers! 

Banks of the Seine, Paris
Banks of the Seine, Paris
Banks of the Seine, ParisBanks of the Seine River, Paris



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6 responses to “Scenes from the Seine

  1. Nice pictures. You are totally right that the Seine is one of main features of Paris. I find that my feet will often bring me there when I walk without a set destination. It is indeed a nice place to live – we have been living here now for almost 6 months and we are quite enjoying it. I also agree with you with the lack of sun in these areas which is slowly getting to me.

  2. roamingtheworld

    I’m enjoying every sunny day in Vitoria-Gasteiz because I know I’ll see more rain and cold days than I’m used too… But I hear Paris gets a lot of rain too?! Maybe less than Belgium?

    • Seriously! It does wonders for your appreciation of pretty days, doesn’t it?! I read somewhere that the rainfall in Belgium is only about 6%, which I think is cuh-razy, but I guess that’s because it’s just a small drizzle. I’m not sure about Paris, though they’re a tiny bit farther from the coast than us, so maybe? V-G seems a pretty close to the water, but maybe it helps that you’re way more south?!

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