Last week we celebrated our first dinner party and Thanksgiving as a MARRIED (!!) couple and our first holiday as Belgians! I’ve classified it as my favorite night here so far. A group of close friends that we’ve formed in our short time here (including the core of the Sunday ‘brunch’ krewe) gathering around the food that I spent all afternoon prepping (I know, A!). We put down (I don’t remember how) many bottles of wine and filled up on turkey day traditionals, topped with Belgian pastries – mmmm. It was a completely wonderful night with friends from around the world. Here’s a little recap – thanks friends for the photos!



So, in true tradition, here are a few of my favorite things:

– this incredible opportunity to experience a new part of the world with my husband. and for having the strength and courage to handle (thankfully, together) all that comes with these new, exciting challenges. {life is a journey, not a destination}

– all those who have supported us this year and all the craziness that we threw at you. from helping glitter our reception candles (J and KT) to being our mailman for the next 2 years (W) and all of the celebrating we did in between (now that i think of it, we asked you to drink a lot!).

– and MOST of all, my amazing husband. he’s my strength and my joy, the man who balances me and gets more offended than I do when people call me a housewife – thank you love. it fills my heart to think about our future together and living out our wedding homily as the light on the hill…you sure brighten MY life!

Happy Holidays peeps!



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