‘Tis the Season

2012 was pretty epic for the Montgomery’s. Lots of planning. Lots of changes. Lots of enjoying the crap outta each other. 

Although, unfortunately, our music scene suffered a bit this year, but hey, we did get married and move across an ocean..

Year in Review Christmas CardsYear in Review Christmas CardsCredits are in order for Taylor Lord who snapped the picture used on the card. For Nicole at The Left Handed Calligrapher for her gorgeous hand lettering on our return address stamp…a sequel to our wedding calligraphy. And for Minted, which if you haven’t tried…fully recommend.

And with that, we leave you for the year. The Montgomery’s are heading out on a little road trip, we’ll update you when we’re back! Merry Christmas and have a happy 2013!

j and a



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8 responses to “‘Tis the Season

  1. Your Christmas cards look amazing! Love them!

  2. brusselslifebeauty

    Great card! And your wedding picture is stunning

  3. roamingtheworld

    happy road tripping!

  4. Oh I LOVE these year in review cards. A good friend of mine here in Brussels gives each year a “grade” and then proceeds to review the reasons why and predict the year to come. While he is the well-spoken type, this makes the same process look so much more elegant 🙂

    • Thanks Jess! His grade idea sounds pretty cool to look forward to each year! I’ll blame it on getting married this year and thus being introduced (read: obsessed) with fine paper products!

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