We finally got a waffle

Liege, Belgium via MontgomeryFest

Over four months of living in Brussels and we have yet to try the waffles. not kidding. When asked ‘what’s up with that?!’, I keep hearing J say that we have to try the Liege waffles first. He’s cute and funny and smart, but, honestly, I have no idea why that makes any sense. My theory is that it’s a touristy thing and we’ve successfully (overreaching?) made it to the title of Locals, so it’s not as high on our list, but when we visit new towns, Liege for one, we have to do touristy things there. Does that make sense? Okay, so maybe neither of us have a solid excuse. But we live in Brussels, so we could have them any time we want. bam. Plus! Belgium is known for, like, everything good – chocolate, beer, fries, and waffles….so we’ve got 3 of the 4 (and the extra lbs to show for it.)

There are two types and a full-on rivalry of Belgian waffles between two cities – Brussels and Liege. The Brussels waffle is lighter, crisper and has larger pockets with rectangular sides. The Liege waffle is richer, thicker, and chewier and contains chunks of sugar inside that caramelize…now does it make more sense why we’d be excited about this one? 

Maybe all of that wasn’t necessary, but it was necessary. Moving on. We got live music! It was stinkin’ adorable to see the well-aged choir singing carols on stage and even better the marching brass band that kept passing us and ended at one of the market restos for champagne and vin chaud. I’m a sucker for the horn section.

Liege, Belgium via MontgomeryFestLiege, Belgium via MontgomeryFestLiege, Belgium via MontgomeryFestLiege, Belgium via MontgomeryFestStairway of the Montagne de Bueren, Liege, BelgiumStairway of the Montagne de Bueren in Liege, BelgiumCitadel in Liege, BelgiumLiege, Belgium via MontgomeryFestLiege, Belgium via MontgomeryFest

Another attraction that was a MUST see in Liege is the TGV Railway Station built by Santiago Calatrava. Like most of Calatrava’s works, it was awesome. Big, light and airy, it looked different from every vantage point. You should have seen J walking up to it ‘Can we go this way? Wait, no, I want to see this side first..Whoa!’ Kid in a candy store.

Liège-Guillemins Railway Station TGV Liège-Guillemins Railway Station TGV Liège-Guillemins Railway Station TGVLiège-Guillemins Railway Station TGVLiège-Guillemins Railway Station TGV Liège-Guillemins Railway Station TGVLiège-Guillemins Railway Station TGV



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10 responses to “We finally got a waffle

  1. roamingtheworld

    Yum! I’m finally heading to Brussels in March (if my spanish debit card will cooperate with Brussels airlines website!) to visit a Belgian whose been traveling the world for 2 years! Maybe will cross paths while I’m there.
    Meanwhile, I’m going to read up on your Belgian posts because I don’t know much about the country except for it’s delicious food-that’s really the important part, right?

    And I know what you mean- when you’re from a place you often don’t do the touristy things. It took me till I was 21 years old to go to Alcatraz and a visit from my great aunt to ride on a cable car. I haven’t done much touristy stuff in my adopted town, though there isn’t as much to see!

    • Awesome! (fingers crossed!) Yea – that would be fun! Make sure you prep yourself before so you can eat all you can while you’re here – we love a good frite challenge so you can determine which ‘best’ stand is really the best! And if your friend has been here for a while, they might have pointers on good restos for us!

      Right?!! I don’t feel so bad…

  2. Wow. I live in Luxembourg and have only spent brief amounts of time there when travelling to London or Amsterdam, but these photos make me want to go and actually explore more.

    My first trip, I was only there four hours, and still managed to have a waffle. Get with the program! 🙂

    Oh, and Leffe beer is effing amazing.

  3. i don’t know if i like the waffle or the tgv station better! 🙂

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