Holy Letterpress!

Nicely Noted cards via MontgomeryFest

I’m a sucker for a good card and envelope concoction – we’ve spent many an hour designing, assembling, and waiting for postage this past year when we got married, moved overseas, and celebrated the year-end. I love putting all of our hard work into the big red post box here and, a week later, hearing our loved one’s reactions. And what I might love almost more than that is receiving a sweet letter in the mail. That someone took time to think about us out of the norm. J and I both study the thought that was put into the packaging – if you keep it simple or if you like to add personal touches, sometimes he even points them out to me!

Besides from the main events that call for bulk mail-outs, I think it’s important to remember the little notes. Studies show the brain gets a bigger thrill when a little treat comes as a surprise. A ‘thank you’ for something small or an ‘oh shit I miss you’ could make someone’s day more than the (I’m gonna say it) obligatory holiday card. For these, it’s harder because they’re supposed to be impromptu, but really they’re not – I’ve gotta find a local shop (I could name my faves in Dallas), spend some quality time laughing at the good funny section, pick out a few because I probably won’t make the trip again soon, have a guilt trip that I’m spending money on fancy cards, remember everything above and justify that I would technically be wasting money if I bought a cheaper one that even IIII didn’t like, probably buy the impromptu candy at the checkout and then run home and hide the ones I got for J until they’re ready, which has historically been me forgetting and when he’s checking out the bag, I grab it from him and run to the bedroom. And then we both go on pretending that didn’t happen and trying not to make eye contact while we snicker to ourselves.

Nicely Noted cards via MontgomeryFest

SO! It was no surprise when Camille Styles (sorta) told me about Nicely Noted that I swooned. The company delivers a curated batch of letterpress cards right to your mailbox. Now I can have fancy stationery on hand sans the trip and impromptu candy for someone’s birthday or when Downton Abbey reminds us that we need to be better at our written correspondence. Although, I think I’ll always be jealous of how often Lord Grantham gets to open those eloquently written telegrams.



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4 responses to “Holy Letterpress!

  1. roamingtheworld

    ah yes, the handwritten note! I love getting mail! Last year I was a lot better at sending postcards to friends and my mom was on top of sending me almost weekly mail but now that this is my 2nd year abroad, the mail has dropped off, schucks! I may have to email this article to her as a little “wink wink, nudge nudge.”

    How I love browsing cards as well! I’m sure there are some great stores that stock pretty little cards where you are?!

    • I need you to teach me how to send postcards! I always pass them up bc I don’t have postage stamps or a mailbox…that is, until we get home and then the trip is over, so the moment has passed (like going to Disney World…when you’re there, you want everything Minnie Mouse, then you get home and realize Minnie lost her flare)

      Dear L’s mom, I like mail too. Just kidding..sorta. Lovingly, AMontgomery

      I did find one store in Brussels that sold letterpress. But when I got really excited, he asked if I wanted to see his lookbook…I was stuck in that store for an hour looking at glorified 1980’s holiday cards…NONE had letterpress. I haven’t been able to go back since. Brussels doesn’t get me…or is it vice versa?

  2. Marcia Leleux

    Annie Uncle Mickey and I wanted to wish you a Happy Birthday! And many more! Enjoy your blog and you never know we might get a chance to come meet you guys. We have hiked inSwitzerland and loved it all. Maybe I can send you guys some of the cities we visited. We mainly stayed in smaller places to do our hiking. Love you Aunt Marcia

    • Thank you so much!! That would be awesome Aunt Marcia…we’d absolutely love to have y’all here! And I would gladly take your list…we want to see everything! And then we could share experiences…Love you both!

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