Sax Appeal

Dinant, Belgium via MontgomeryFestIMG_0631
Ever since our stop at Maison Leffe on this tour and the first time we drove through this craziness right HERE, we’ve been itching to get back to Dinant to check out this fab little city. It’s got some serious history, landscape, and tunes. The first mention of this city was in the 7th century..yeah, didn’t even have a 1000th place. See below for stunning views.  And it’s lined with saxophones for a reason..birthplace of Adolphe Sax, inventor of the saxophone.

photoSaxophones in Dinant, Belgium via MontgomeryFestIMG_0644photo 1 photo-1

‘Death defying views’ is what the sign should have read…in French, of course. To get to the top of the Citadel, you have the choice of driving, taking the 408 steps, or riding the cable car up. We took the cable car up and the steps down. *high five for being only half lazy* And got stuck in the middle of a tour group speaking who knows what language, so we didn’t feel bad free loading since we weren’t getting much benefit from it. But we did see a guy half way hurdle himself off the ridge for the sake of a picture…half heart attacks on both our parts and time to go.

IMG_0639photo 3-1 photo-4


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