Day In The Life

So, I know you’ve all been on pins and needles to know what I do during the day. Don’t even argue with me..

Okay, w! But since we’re getting all personal on the blog this week, I figured I’d show you around more..weekday-style:

Photo Feb 20, 11 36 07 AM (1)

I’m pretty much in love with waking up to this – the light, the windows, the city. oh, the city. Take a moment to reel in how blessed we are and I’m ready to join the world as a human being. Usually with the help of coffee. Extra sugar. And probably a lemon water

And watercolor and journaling for good measure.

Photo Feb 20, 11 50 40 AM (1)Photo Feb 20, 2 34 00 PM (1)

Then, we’re off. It’s Wednesday and we lucked out today that there were no demonstrations. Brussels looves its demonstrations. The next day, not so lucky…something about the public transportation so the city was on foot.

Also, I wore a spring jacket (!!) because it was one degree higher than it was the day before. (you knew I was going to talk about the weather.)

Photo Feb 20, 3 00 14 PMPhoto Feb 20, 2 59 50 PMPhoto Feb 20, 3 03 23 PMPhoto Feb 20, 3 05 53 PMPhoto Feb 20, 3 16 37 PM

I was most definitely too excited to witness the post being scooped up there ^

The good old 95 line with a cameo from the Parliament (hi Puljkovi!)

Today’s agenda: Tea date with Doris. These are the sweetest..and not just because of the deserts we can usually talk each other into. First stop: Coffee Company..I loved their mis-matched chairs and electrical outlets, until someone pushed their mis-matched chair against the electrical outlet where my phone was and broke my charger.

Photo Feb 20, 4 06 35 PMPhoto Feb 20, 4 29 16 PM

We stepped it up a notch for the next cup of tea to an ultra modern, ultra impressive venue. So impressive that I can’t even remember the name of it. But it was a pastry + a beverage for 5 euros, so I was like, duh, as you would expect. So, you should look it up. Because they also charge your iphone for you, no crappy broken charger needed!

Photo Feb 20, 4 48 01 PMPhoto Feb 20, 4 48 12 PMPhoto Feb 20, 4 50 01 PM

If we’re being totally honest, it wouldn’t be a typical day for me if my phone didn’t die. So, even though the sun is setting later these days and totally rocking my world, it gets dark really fast with these photos on my phone.

Photo Feb 20, 6 12 15 PMPhoto Feb 20, 6 12 22 PMPhoto Feb 20, 6 13 02 PMPhoto Feb 20, 6 14 22 PMPhoto Feb 20, 6 16 45 PMPhoto Feb 20, 6 24 17 PM

Funny story: when I met J, he thought Olive Garden was pretty close to the death of one’s soul. I, on the other hand with my ever-so-refined taste palette, crave their fake italian dish, chicken parmesan, more than any other dish in the world. So, it makes my heart big when I come home to one hott hubby trying to recreate it. This is love. Hell Yeah.

Photo Feb 20, 7 28 24 PM

And there was this one time, on Wednesday that I was so super proud of my hair that I instagrammed what my little cousin who keeps me up-to-date with the kids’ slang these days would call a ‘selfy’..and my husband made fun of me for it but I lived in Tejas for 5 years and big hair don’t care, y’all. Check it –

Photo Feb 20, 2 50 40 PM

Oh, you want another story? One time in college, I made my friend wait over two hours so that I could finish curling my hair before we went out and by the end of the night some girl in the bathroom told me ‘I wish I could get my hair as straight as yours.’ Now you get it?

Greatest Story Teller Ever out!


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  1. I love that i know every single place you pictured! Sometimes i feel sick of Brussels and some other times, i just kind of really like it 🙂

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