When our favorite little Croatian soon-to-be-mama brought up that she’d like to surprise her sweet hubby on his birthday last Saturday (all while the little Wife of the Year is supposed to be on bed rest, missy!), I gathered my composure, Kristen Wiig style, jumped right on that train and started making toothpick fringes in his favorite color.

Although we spent much of the day inside that of a foreign tele show (you know the ones – where you try to make up scenarios and the conversations they’re probably having? I know that’s not just us.), it was totally worth it to see our friends in their element since we force them to speak english to us..utterly rude. But, I did pick up on some very important new Croatian terms: ‘pivo’ means beer and ‘može’ means yes, I’ll have a (beer/piece of cake).

While you’re drooling over Françoise’s tartes and playing Where’s Waldo with my shirt that I’ll never wear to someone else’s party again (hashtag attentionhog), feel free to admire the toothpick fringes. Those suckers are tedious – Happy Birthday Vedran!

IMG_0739Francois' Tartes

J had a hearty laugh over whose birthday it actually was when he took this first photo right here, but if that second photo is any indication of his own excitement, I’d say he was only slightly giddy too. Kettle to pot..come in pot..

Surprise PartySurprise PartyPhoto Mar 04, 3 31 41 PMPhoto Mar 06, 5 46 05 PMIMG_3998IMG_0755Photo Mar 04, 6 57 19 PMEOS 5D 6437EOS 5D 6457
EOS 5D 6364

What’s that, Vedran? You aren’t done celebrating..
You want us to help you eat another cake? We’ll be right over..
And, thus Sunday Funday began:

IMG_4005Photo Mar 03, 5 17 26 PMPhoto Mar 03, 5 22 04 PM

V, we hope you had a wonderful weekend and that all of the festivities made up a little for not going back home to Croatia. If you do start to get sad, just think about the Bora Bora trip you two promised us girls (if I put it on the blog, it makes it more official. I read that somewhere…probably on a blog,) One Tiki, two Tiki..seventeen Tiki..

A and J



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2 responses to “Surprise!

  1. brianagoad

    This looks like SO much fun!

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