Six Months

Frit FlageyFrit Flagey

Yesterday, we crossed the six month mark since we landed in Brussels. Remember that? Two suitcases and a camera in tow, waiting another month for our stuff. It’s like yesterday, but thankfully it’s not (figuring out stuff was hard!). I guess that also means this blog gets a half birthday too, Congrats you sassy thing you.

We tried to spend the day at the Stella brewery to celebrate, but we misunderstood Brussels when the internet told us we don’t need a reservation and then once we got there, found out we DO need a reservation (word to those thinking about taking the tour)….but, really, we’ve been here for six months, we should have known this city wasn’t going to have someone on staff just because, when there’s perfectly good arbitrary closing hours to instill. In lieu, we headed over to Flagey for some frites avec sauce Andalouse and later toasted with vin rouge and some favorites.

On top of the Brussels tan lines (ha!) and the time we pretended to know the city enough to give a tour, we’re fitting in smashingly well. J can get to most places in the city withOUT the cocky, British GPS, who can’t pronounce the French/Dutch/English/Spanish(??!) directions. And I can name areas of town by the tram/metro numbers when we’re thirsty. It’s been really fun getting another perspective on the world, writing probably the coolest chapter in our book thus far, and hearing who loves, hates, and are paranoid as all get out about America, that’s fun. 

Overall: We’ll give this one a ‘frosty, yet suitably settled in’ rating and extra points for eating better. And progress report out –


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11 responses to “Six Months

  1. Congratulations on your 6 months. It has been fun following your journey so far. To the next 6 months wit many new adventures! (Suzanne)

  2. Simone

    So glad ya’ll are having so much fun! Miss ya’ll!

  3. Congratulations on the 6 month mark! Only 6 more to go and we’ll officially consider you past the “I’m fed up with Brussels and leaving” danger zone.

    • Merci! Haha yeah, we’ve tried hard to stay on the quirky side of ‘why, WHY Brussels?!’ but its getting harder to not notice how clean Munich is or how much sunnier Luxembourg is in comparison (and we haven’t even traveled south yet!)…we have GOT to plan more warm getaways next winter…our naivety will be gone by then!

  4. Love the blog! Wish you more great adventures in my home country! I hope you visited Bruges as well!

    • Thank you so much! We had a short trip to the city – it’s beautiful! We’re definitely going to make a weekend (or 2!) out of it! Stavanger looks great – good luck on your new move!

  5. Happy Half-Anniversary 🙂 LOL @ “we mis understood Brussels.” Something tells me I’ll have this same issue here in Korea.

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