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Photo Mar 21, 2 06 24 PM

I went for a “run” on Sunday morning and found myself at the edge of Parc du Cinquantenaire. There was a crowd gathered and lots of English being spoken. I joined the crowd in a lap around the park and quickly realized I was IN the Brussels’ St. Patrick’s Day parade. Now, this wasn’t the Baton Rouge parade, or goodness knows the Dallas parade (we missed you. promise we’ll see you again in a couple of years), but there was music and festive party hats, so I kept going. The parade was lead by bagpipes, kilts, orange and green flags, and cute little Irish dancers. C’est mignon. At the end, there was a little festival setup with beer stands and a lacrosse game. I figured that was enough “exercise” and headed home to my hubby. Everything, and I mean everything, is better with him.

Photo Mar 21, 3 23 08 PMPhoto Mar 21, 3 22 28 PM

We celebrated at de Valera’s in Flagey til the Croatians called. Brussels is way better with them. (Am I getting mushy in a St. Patrick’s Day post??) Ended the adventurous day getting lost in one of the largest cinemas in the world, Kinepolis, and eventually saw Les Mis.

Photo Mar 17, 2 11 45 PMPhoto Mar 21, 4 40 05 PM

Hey! Lookithere – the correct nickname for dear ole St. Patrick. And we’re American. Cheers!



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4 responses to “Hey Paddy

  1. There weren’t much St-Patrick celebrations in Paris…just a few small things and no big parade like we have back in Toronto…Fun to see the celebrations in Brussels.

  2. Sure it was lacrosse and not the Irish sport of hurling?

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