Easter Sunday

EOS 5D 6586

Easter Sunday was filled with sunshine and a lazy day of eating, drinking and quality time with great friends..it was mahvelous beyong mahvelous, darling. We’re all about learning and embracing new traditions in these parts. It was our first Easter as a married couple (!!) and the last holiday that you’ll have to hear that, unless we can fit in some obscure Popcorn Day or something in between now and April 28! I’ll save the anniversary talk for later, but it’s the big month, so you better believe it’s coming. But back to Easter. The Croatians cooked a feast filled with favorites from their home country – Pinza, French salad, some incredible concoction of beans and pickled peppers. We pacqued eggs, which was a tradition for all of us – Croatia, South Louisiana AND the Pacific Northwest. If the first year of marriage is for starting your own traditions, we’re pretty much rockin’ this. Thanksgiving and Christmas were pretty rad as well. Also, still under investigation – how they got their eggs to be so bright.

because, seriously.


afterglow (7)

afterglow (4)afterglow (5)



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7 responses to “Easter Sunday

  1. Did they use onion skins to paint them? That’s what they use in Latvia!

  2. pollyheath

    Easter sounds lovely, but can I just say how jealous I am of the crazy-beautiful natural light in all of your pictures?!

    • Uuuuhh, I never thought anyone could ever be jealous of the minimal sunlight we have here in Brussels, but I’ll take it! Somehow we lucked out with sunshine for our mini holiday weekend! I hope you had a great weekend too..and here’s to hoping you get lots of sunshine!

  3. Anne

    Can’t wait for “the Croatians” (your term, not mine;)) to teach me a thing or two about Easter eggs! We are soooo soooo excited to come visit!!!! Soon (but not soon enough)…

    • Yay! Hah! I don’t even know why we call them that, except I think it’s because in Croatia a family name conjugates with a ‘vi’ at the end, so we couldn’t figure out how to say their last name for the longest time..like, we would be Montgomeryvi..I think, in my vast Croatian vocabulary! Anway, it’s going to be FAN.tas.tique! Get here. Now.

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