One Year

Quote that.

Yesterday made our one year of marriage. That’s crazy. We’ve packed so many things into this one year that it’s hard to decide whether I want to answer ‘it feels like much longer’ because it does – we’ve done SO much and learned so much and grown so much and have this great groove of where we want our life to head…or ‘that was quick’ because, seriously, how did we get here so fast. It was yesterday that we were dreaming about how our lives would be when we’re married and living in Europe, and – hey now, here we are! We still have many moments, like when I had to tell the plumber last week ‘hold on, let me ask my husband.’ wait..did I just say that – my husband. can I say that again?! And then the French plumber left before I could come to and I have no idea what he asked me in the first place, but at least our water isn’t leaking anymore and hopefully we won’t get another 400 euro bill. But, hey, we’ll just chalk it up to – learning how to live in a new country and we’re maaarrriiied.!

One of the best parts about marriage is hanging out with your bestie. Just hanging out. Like, on any given day, when there’s nothing going on and it’s a random Tuesday, you just look at each other and feel completely blessed that this is your life. He’s sitting right there….probably staring at you. And you pretend you’re embarrassed, but really, you’re overly flattered. It’s the little things, you know? (Well, and the big things too, like our anniversary trip to Tuscany that we’ll be posting later this week!)

Place Flagey, Brussels via MontgomeryFest Place Flagey, Brussels via MontgomeryFest

We had such a relaxing day celebrating our year. We accidentally dressed like we were going to Sadie Hawkins, but we’re not going to lie and say that that is infrequent around these parts. I’ll be even more honest, J loves it more than me. Although, that cracks me up, so I’ve come to love it more, so maybe it’s tied now. Either way, we took to the streets, where Place Flagey was having a little fair at the market. After convincing me that it would probably not be appropriate for a twenty-something girl to do flips in those^ really cool water bubbles next to the kiddos, we strolled along the lakes and through Abbaye de la Cambre. 

Brussels, Belgium via MontgomeryFestAbbaye de la Cambre in Brussels, Belgium via MontgomeryFestAbbaye de la Cambre in Brussels, Belgium via MontgomeryFestAbbaye de la Cambre in Brussels, Belgium via MontgomeryFest

Justin made shrimp bisque and my mouth is still watering. And we ate by candle light even though the sun is out til 10p and counting (summer, you’re gonna be great).

MontgomeryFest Anniversary Dinner

Then, we watched our wedding video. We laughed at how nervous we both looked and then J laughed some more at the fact that I cried through it, even though we’ve seen it a highly egotaaastical number of times. But, I mean, I can’t help it. When Deacon Tim starts on the part where he says ‘You’re job, for the next 80 years or so, is to love each other so completely, so totally that the rest of the world sees what you have and they desire it for themselves.’ I mean, whoa! If that isn’t the greatest job description ever.. I’m overwhelmed at how much I love my job and feel so blessed that I get to do this amazing thing with Justin. That was so sappy, I apologize.  But I’ve gotta humble it with, yes, we’ll call it a job. Because it is work. We have had a million and 17 things thrown at us in one short year and the days that we don’t work at it, it shows and we don’t connect and we can’t figure out why. But it’s because we thought that it would just come. This thing isn’t easy. Living your life around someone else is hard, but working at it is the only thing that will make us a stronger couple. And there’s nothing that makes me happier with our relationship today than our faith that it will be stronger and sweeter and shine brighter as we grow gray together. NOW. Now, I’m moving on..

So, then we watched The Princess Bride and went through almost an entire package of Belgian chocolate. Great day.

Belgian chocolate via MontgomeryFest Belgian chocolate via MontgomeryFest

Oh, and over dinner and wine on a patio in Florence, the Mister made a quotable observation that I felt worthy of Texter.



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16 responses to “One Year

  1. arrivalgate

    Congrats!! Reading your posts make me reminisce about adventures with my husband during our first year of marriage too 🙂 I love reading your blog and it’s so funny to read about similar situations we’ve experienced, even in a different country!

    • Thank you! I know what you mean – this whole expat community thing is so fun to see how people get through the similar stuff around the world (is it bad that it can make my hard days better knowing people can’t read the mustard label in Japan either..?) Anyway. I love yours too! I’m excited for your upcoming move and looking forward to reading about your repatriation…I’m a little nervous about that part!

  2. pollyheath

    Congrats — may the next year be even more adventurous!

  3. Congratulations!!! Leonidas are the best, aren’t they?

  4. Happy anniversary, Annie and Justin. Have enjoyed reading your posts and reflections along the way. Red and I didn’t spend our first year together in Belgium, but so many of the things you’ve written are reminiscent of the things we were feeling when we celebrated our first anniversary 56 + years ago. It’s good that you realize that marriage is a job, because that is truly what it is…you both have to work really hard to keep that new love alive and well and growing as you embark on this second year, and all the years to come. I think that you and Justin have what it takes to make your marriage an example of what a great marriage is supposed to be. I hope when you reach the big 50 (many, many years into the future) you will be as much ‘in love’ with each other as you are now.

    • Thanks for reading along and all of your encouraging words! 56 is wonderful, Bev! We want to be the ones on the dance for the longest at somebody else’s wedding! And we still talk about how great y’alls answers were to making it last – Never go to bed angry and (especially his) Whatever she says. hehe I remind him that a lot actually.. wink. It’s going to be such a fun journey for us to get there and beyond! Thanks again and sending lots of love!

  5. happy anniversary! love reading all of your marriage wisdom. and you definitely need to play in the water bubbles!

  6. Congrats! My husband and I made a year in February and I feel the same way –it feels like we have done so much together and have grown so much, but at the same time it’s like, whoa, we have a year already?! It is pretty much the best blessing to hang out with your bestie all the time and have sleepovers every night. Congrats again!

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  8. fun! we share the same anniversary 🙂 hopefully my 8yr update didn’t scare u too much-ha!

  9. love your initial quote. so happy for you. i love seeing beautiful love 🙂

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