Firenze, Italia

Duomo in Florence, Italy via MontgomeryFest

Bonjourno Italia, you’ve got it goin’ on! To celebrate our one year anniversary that we’ve been going on and on about, we booked a trip to Tuscany. And this little corner of the world completely stole our hearts (and stomachs). The beautiful narrow streets that open up to gorgeous pops of color. Europe is filled with grand, historic cathedrals and palaces with ornate details and gold trimmings, so much that we’ve become a little numb to it. But, Florence brought it with the Wow Factor. The green and white marble that you just can’t stop looking at. The details even had details. We split our time meandering through the streets and patio-ing – which, I had to describe to my mom as ‘sitting on a patio drinking’ and we’re very good at it, to which we received a shocked, ‘Anne!’ Don’t worry, there was enough ravioli and gelato to soak it up. Mamma Mia!

Duomo ceiling in Florence, Italy via MontgomeryFest
Duomo floor in Florence, Italy via MontgomeryFestFlorence, Italy via MontgomeryFestDuomo in Florence, Italy via MontgomeryFestColorful carousel in Florence, Italy via MontgomeryFestColorful doors in Florence, Italy via MontgomeryFestRed bicycle in Florence, Italy via MontgomeryFestLooking down on the streets in Florence, Italy via MontgomeryFest
MontgomeryFest in Florence, ItalyPiazza in Florence, Italy via MontgomeryFestPiazza in Florence, Italy via MontgomeryFest

^ This adorable group of Italian men. Y’all. The cool cat in all black – yes, that’s a black leather hat to go with his black leather jacket and shades – rides up on his fancy two-wheels and throws down that kickstand. His friends all stand around admiring and you know we were thankful to have the best patio spot in that piazza.

The view overlooking Florence, Italy via MontgomeryFest
Detailed doors in Florence, Italy via MontgomeryFestThe Arno in Florence, Italy via MontgomeryFestThe Arno in Florence, Italy via MontgomeryFestNarrow streets in Florence, Italy via MontgomeryFestTypical breakfast in Florence, Italy via MontgomeryFest
Italian made things in Florence, Italy via MontgomeryFestRoom keys in Florence, Italy via MontgomeryFestFlorence, Italy via MontgomeryFest

Aside from our much needed dose of sun after the Belgian winter, we couldn’t get enough of the pasta, wine and gelato. Delicious. I can’t tell you how fun it was to break out some of the dresses that had been locked up for months. I was maybe a little overeager with the flip-flops..Ouch. It was painful for J to watch, mostly. So many hills. So much walking. But we wouldn’t have traded it for anything. Best vacation of our lives.

On the last night, we sat on a dinner terrace talking about before we were married and how fun the engagement was like his conversation with the first person he told he bought the ring. Oh, and we tried grappa for the first time.. That last photo up there was after the grappa. I know my writing has been a little way sappy-centric lately, but I had to get it out. I’ll try to keep the sappy to a yearly thing/minimum and get us back on regularly scheduled programming..try. So with that said, the rest of our trip which included an amazing wine tour through Tuscany and a ginormous garden will be making an appearance in the coming days. Arrivederci!


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19 responses to “Firenze, Italia

  1. Sounds amazing, you lucky things!

  2. Great pictures. Italy is one of my favourite countries. I have been many times and I am always enchanted every time we go…And you forgot about coffee – the best in all of Europe!

  3. pollyheath

    Man, those old men are baller!

  4. Marcia

    Uncle Mickey and I are in Capri today! We were in Rome beginning Monday 4/22. Have been to Orveita, Tuscany, Firenze, Assisi, Venice. Will be leaving here to go to Sorrento, Pistanio(?) and back to Rome. Leave for U S on Sat. Wish we could have hooked up some way! Have had an awesome trip with Globus. Your Mom is really excited about her visit. Love y’all

    Sent from my iPad

    • That’s wonderful!! My mom told me that y’all were heading to Italy, but didn’t remember when (I secretly was hoping it’d be in a couple months, so we could plan another trip to meet y’all!). That list sounds please! So happy for y’all and thanks for checking in! We’re getting the flat prepped for her visit. Swing by if you can (like it’s that easy! ha)! We love you!!

  5. so glad you enjoyed your anni trip. your photos are amazing…i especially love the last one!

  6. Saw your entry on, and came here- your photos are awesome!

  7. Such a beautiful city that overhead shot of Firenze is such a beauty at night from up by the park then overwhelmed in the day by droves of people …..quite a sight

  8. Here Comes The Lovely

    Patio-ing sounds absolutely divine! Gorgeous pics — thanks for sharing!

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