Photo Jun 28, 2 56 51 PMPhoto Jun 28, 2 53 30 PMPhoto Jun 28, 2 54 07 PM
Photo Jun 28, 2 54 31 PMPhoto Jun 28, 2 54 50 PMIMG_1190Photo Jun 28, 2 57 27 PMPhoto Jun 28, 2 55 56 PM

man, we miss the headband // party over the canal // ‘ello Mr. Fox // poolside at Knokke-Heist // A craves velvet // peep-hole // Brussels got deep // best time of the year

More random adventures on instagram at: montgomeryfest



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8 responses to “JuneFest

  1. pollyheath

    Every blog I’ve seen today has had a gorgeous picture of a pool. Yall are torturing me!

    These are seriously great pics, though! Do you just use your phone’s camera?

  2. roamingtheworld

    cute photos!

  3. PK

    Love the images. Do you write the names on your blog?

  4. Kschattner

    Loving all of your photographs! What editing apps do you like to use?? I have a few that I’m addicted too as well. Although, I do have Photoshop Elements I find that it’s just too confusing to use all of the time! I definitely have to work on learning how to use it. As always, loved this post- it totally gave me (heightened) my wanderlust!


    • Thank you, thank you! I do vsco oooor Afterlight and most recently, Snapseed…for the ever-addicting tilt-shift. Your blog is adorable – looking forward to seeing more of your adventures!

      • Kschattner

        I use Afterlight too and every so often Snapseed as well! I’ll have to try vsco :)thanks for the suggestions and kind words about my blog! Same goes for you, beautiful! x

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