We found the secret

The other weekend we had brunch (yes! the real kind! finally!) at Alex’s swanky Secret Garden. It may not seem like much, but we had all but given up on finding a proper brunch in this little country that we’d moved to. Yes, we’ve found locals (numerous) who’ve sworn that they had the absolute best brunch spot for us, but here, brunch typically just means a late breakfast.. you’ll have a piece of bacon if you’re lucky (proper bacon, i.e., not just a piece of ham that you have with breakfast). So, that’s what makes Alex our favorite chef ever. Allison did a fancy feature of it here. And here’s our completely un-fancy rendition of the fête..

La Britannique | Brussels, BelgiumLa Britannique | Brussels, BelgiumLa Britannique | Brussels, Belgium


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11 responses to “We found the secret

  1. Have you ever tried brunch in the Parc D’Egmont? They used to do great Sunday brunches up till last year. Also, some branches of Pain Quotidien do a really good brunch. The one on Avenue Louise gave up doing them a long time ago but the one in Waterloo used to do brunches until mid-last year, if memory serves. That’s only a 15 min drive away and could be well worth it …

  2. Isn’t it amazing what you miss? My jones for mexican in Japan was well beyond a healthy craving.

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