Mechelen, man

Via our friend Doris we’ve found out about this awesome map of Brussels made by Use-It. It’s a free little guidebook of sorts made up by young locals to point out some of their favorite spots in the city, keeping you in the cool, not too touristy parts. We’ve been whipping out our Brussels one every once in a while to get some ideas on new places to try out or areas to stroll through, so we were excited to find out that they’re a Europe-wide sort of thing. In Belgium they’ve got all the big cities – Antwerp, Bruges, Gent and Leuven – but also a name we hadn’t seen come up all too often: Mechelen. So one slow Sunday we figured we’d give it a go and visit this place that finds itself about halfway between Brussels and Antwerp.

Now that we’ve built up this map you’re probably assuming that we’re checking off all the hot Mechelen spots. Well, no. Who knows what happened (ok, it was because Doris hand delivered the Brussels one and the tourist office doesn’t find itself in our living room) but we ended up in the town mapless. Comme d’habitude. Our first stop was St. Rombold’s Cathedral, mainly because we could spot the tower from where we parked and figured it’d be in the center of town.. And if that tower looks a little unfinished to you, it’s because it is. They stopped when the town ran out of money way back in the 16th century and it’s stayed a flat-top ever since. Inside we found a corner full of gossiping statues, presumably talking about whoever went broke.


Cleanest. Belgian. Town. Stuff was almost shiny, and the city had flowers almost anywhere they could fit them. It did have a little emptiness to it though – the place felt like it was made for way, way more people. But it was a Sunday, sunny, and holiday season so it’s not too far fetched to think that the residents had vacated their pristine little town for the beaches. The extra space gave Annie some time to practice her cartwheels. Or maybe all the locals are at the spots we should have known about if we had our Use-It map..



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13 responses to “Mechelen, man

  1. Great pictures! I love the concept of the use-it maps.

  2. Amazingl! You must have been thrilled by all this. I love stained glass windows, old churches and flowers.

  3. Adding Mechelen to my list of places to visit…

  4. I spent my first few months travelling through Mechelen on route to Antwerp for work every day. It’s a lovely place and you’ve got some lovely photos of it! Everyone was probably at Nekkerspoel at the fake beach they have set up there.

  5. pollyheath

    Oh, don’t mind me… Just continuing to be super jealous of your awesome road trip!

    • You just wait til we get to the photos of this road trip! Our feet are crazy sore from scoping out mountains and cities…well, they WERE sore. These days they just sit in the sand 😉

  6. Such beautiful photographs! It truly looks like a magical place and I hope I have the opportunity to visit someday! x

  7. barrypiatoff

    Reblogged this on Barry Piatoff@WordPress.

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