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Abbaye de Villers

Abbaye de Villers via MontgomeryFest

Just when we thought spring had sprung, we woke up on Sunday to another dose of winter. The ground was a fluffy couple layers of white, so we took advantage and headed to one of the more picturesque areas of Belgium we’d had on our list. Abbaye de Villers is a Cistercian abbey founded in 1146 (!). The abbey was completely rebuilt by the 13th century during its high point. The estate covered a good twenty-five thousand acres with 100 monks and 300 lay brothers (I mean, whoa). It wasn’t until the French Revolution that the abbey was abandoned in 1796. Today, the ruins make for an exquisite day trip if you’re in the area. For springtime photos and the inspiration for our trip, check out Cheese Web’s article.

Also, I told J that he should write this post since it’s his photos and his story to tell ( I was kinda just dancing around this place. It’s whatever.) and he maybe uttered two sentences that I’m supposed to remember at this point how? So, I’m just going to let the pictures do the talking and if you need a story, HERE‘s one. I probably reference her story once a day because obviously.

Abbaye de Villers via MontgomeryFest

I couldn’t choose which were my fave,
so I went a little cray with the photo uploading.
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Into the Trees

Did you know that we have a forest here? A legit 11,000 acre forest in Brussels – the Sonian Forest. It’s like the ultimate park. So far, we’ve ventured to the edge to the public park, Bois de la Cambre, which butts right up to the edge of the city. On one side of the street you’ve got your typical 10-story buildings and then across – bam! Forest! It’s pretty cool, and we’re lucky to have this little (ok, pretty big) gem just down the street.

Bois de la CambreBois de la CambreBois de la CambreBois de la CambreThe Bois holds a lake with an island, called Robinson’s island, in the center. You can take the ferry to the island, where they have a restaurant and ballroom. Oh, and here’s the weird part (this may be a bit of a random thought right here since we’re talking about lakes and all but this is where we were standing when we noticed) ice cream trucks are all over the place. It’s something like 8 degrees Celsius (45ish Fahrenheit) and ice cream is selling like hot cakes (hehe).

Bois de la CambreBois de la CambreBois de la CambreJust North of the Bois de la Cambre lies the Abbaye de la Cambre. The monastery grounds house the abbey church for a catholic parish, an art school, and the headquarters for the Belgian National Geographic Institute. Abbaye de la CambreAbbaye de la CambreI spy J.Abbaye de la Cambre


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