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We’re Still Not Done

Austrian Alps

I’m just going to pretend it’s not Monday and J had to leave me to go get some bacon or something and keep on keepin’ on with the rest of our holiday trip. After Austria, not much else compared…enough so that we barely took any pictures and can cram it all into one post. I spent the better part of J’s birthday napping in the car (he still hasn’t <read: is afraid to> taught me how to drive the car). It was actually much better for him since once I did wake up, I realized how many flippin tunnels we were going through. The drive along the Austrian Alps has got to be the most scenic drive of my entire life.  But as soon as we started heading straight toward the mountains, there was a whole lotta hyperventilating and ‘what if..’s and ‘do they  know..’s goin on. At one point, they actually made us PAY to go INTO a TUNNEL. Okay, I’m getting this under control. Oh, it keeps going..


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Austrian greeter

look who we found in Austria (I didn’t dress him up like that)

After a fun and educational (I rarely put those two together before becoming European) jaunt around Munich, we took a two hour drive southeast to Salzburg, Austria. And then fell in love. We dropped off our bags at this ADORE-able hotel, said ‘hi!’ to a familiar looking face, and strolled across the river to downtown. It was Christmas Eve, so everything was closed but all of the lights were lit so we navigated well.

Behind the downtown area, there was a hill with a castle-type thing at the top (we still have yet to learn what exactly it is). Backstory: I packed workout gear just in case the hotel(s) had a gym (just go with it, it makes me feel better). Climbing up the hill: J was the adventurer who wanted to see if we could get to the top and I was the one complaining about how steep it was when he reminded me about who brought the gym clothes. ‘but at the gym, there’s music to pump me up!’ So, up we climbed, him singing something he made up. Continue reading


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