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As one of our wedding favors, we gave out guest bags to those traveling from out of state (which was the majority). We wanted to tie in both of our French heritages throughout the wedding – welcome sign, thank you cards.. So, we had stamps made that said ‘Bienvenue’ and our date for the guest bags.

Most of the extra bags ended up in the wedding box, which is sadly stored back in the D (it will be the first thing I want to see when we go back!). But one made its way to Brussels and I looove that we can use it so often! (They hardly ever give out bags here) In the states, we would CONstantly leave our grocery bag at home or in the trunk…because we had to drive there. But now! I take my biasedly adorable tote walking down the street. So fun. So city. It’s my favorite thing about grocery shopping, except, of course, when they give me wine..


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