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Stuff It

Our stuff is here! Our stuff is here! I could scream it from a mountain top if there was one nearby.

Stuff including our festival posters and record collection and THE most comfortable bed on the planet. We’ve been sleeping on the fold-out couch for two weeks and my aging back can’t take it anymore. (Please note that it was a fun camp-out for the first few days, but two weeks is too long. So, guests, plan accordingly.)

Oh, and we get real food again! Our kitchen stuff is here now so we’re no longer limited to home cooked meals that have to: 1 – be cooked in the oven; 2 – come in their own oven-safe package or don’t require any; and 3 – can be eaten without a bowl/plate and with plastic utencils. So we were pretty much left eating pizza, lasagna and other finger-foods. The experience did point us to MexiGo, a pretty decent Mexican take-home (not really take out, you have to cook it yourself) that CheeseWeb (thanks!) informed us about. Yum, prooobably going to be one of our favorites over here.

We had heard from lots of other expats that when your delivery comes in, the movers have this crane that they can lift your things through your window. We were super excited to see our boxes come in this way. But no such luck. The movers climbed the stairs the old fashioned way…bummer.


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