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Rocked Werchter

85,000 people. 79 bands. 69 countries represented. 39 years of the fest.
And four days of complete Montgomery music bliss.

Close your eyes and imagine it :: your (maybe red polished) toes dancing around in the soft, green grass. the perfect breeze. the summer sun shining against your shades as it heads down in the distance to frame the stage. the stage that’s lit with reds and blues and spotlights highlighting the band. it’s one of your top bands, maybe singing their most fantastically obscure song that you thought you were the only one who knew the words to, but you aren’t. there are people as far as you can see (which is actually not very far when you’re the height of A, but still) who all know the words. because these are music fans, devoted to the art. you’re all swaying (or jamming out…whatever your style is) to the beat with your hands waving. and you belong here. amongst the most hardcore festival goer of them. it’s a love. and it’s why you brave the heat and the crowds and the port-a-potties. and why the walls in your home hope to overfill with posters that tell too many stories* and hang as badges of honor from every festival you’ve been to together. 

Rock Werchter, BelgiumRock Werchter, Belgiumafterglow-37-e1373465491469 afterglow-44-e1373465502411Rock Werchter, BelgiumRock Werchter, BelgiumVampire Weekend at Rock Werchter, BelgiumRock Werchter, BelgiumRock Werchter, Belgium
Rock Werchter, BelgiumRock Werchter, Belgium

The Lumineers’ frontman, Wesley Schultz, likes to remind the audience to put down their phones at their shows and just be here. Such a wonderfully small, but powerful reminder. Music is big. So here’s a few of our favorites from the weekend – be freeeeeee. Pick up some drinks, invite some people over, and pretend like you’re having a dance-off with Régine..

*stories like that 2011 Bonnaroo trip where the two of us set up our blanket waaaaay in the back of the field and had a complete and total jam session listening to Arcade Fire. At the end of the set, we weren’t finished jamming and some young guy hopped on our blanket and asked what we were on. Completely sober (take note kids). I was pretty proud of our dance skillz that night. Those are the best kind of jam sessions.




It’s a Dutch name

Werchter Swag

J: I’ll take those.

J: I pull them off.


J: Okay, let me explain why I do in fact pull them off.

We get a lot of searches for Montgomery Fest 2013 and it’s my favorite. Please tell me you’re a musician or lighting/sound/stage/farm coordinator and are looking for someone who wants to make a festival, because I would plan the crap outta one. I have so many ideas…(call me Bonnaroo.)

Anyway – Rock Werchter! (It’s Dutch. Stop butchering it, Green Day.) Geez. So much yelling. Day one fave was Vampire Weekend (Ezra Koenig agrees 4 July is funner in Belgium) and runner up was Laura Mvula – check her out, spread the music. I could go into the comparisons of Roo, but both have pros and both have cons and don’t even mention another festival, because it can’t touch this.

Also, it’s so fun that J’s Alma Mater is as patriotic as it gets, so those are my go-to shirts for days celebrating ‘merica. Geaux ponies.

I’m heading back for day two on my own since J can’t come til after work today, so I’ve gotta sign off asap if I want to make Gary Clark, Jr. and fingers crossed the tram, train and bus combo I have to take to get there are on time!  If you’re out at the fest and see a little girl hard core wiggling to the beat, please come say hi.

Happy Friday!

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