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Saturday Night Live

We had a pretty calm weekend. We’re rounding off the last leg of J’s busy season (lovingly referred to as BS) with the last snowfall of the winter. Yes, the last. It’s not funny anymore. Something like the coldest weather here since 1873..makes those 38 days of hundred degree heat in Dallas last year seem like a breeze – ha!

So. Saturday night. Live from our security camera (aka creepy iphone pics), we watched cars try and mostly fail to make it up the hill in the snow. Is this the crazy that people talk about when they say the weather gets to you? Either way, it could have been a skit on SNL. There were cars lined up at the bottom of the street to challenge their little stick shifts against the slippery incline.

This guy was one of the early ones (yes, it went on for hours. judgers to the left.)…we’ll call him Bobby. Bobby was soo confident. Bobbing (heh) and weaving, left to right to left again. Bobby’s car did NOT want to go straight. He got halfway up the hill when his four friends hopped out of the car – were they too heavy? He reversed it until his little car turned into a pole..and then his friends hopped back in. He tried the hill again. They hopped out again and proceeded to push the car into the parked car on the left. Oh, Bobby.

Photo Mar 24, 12 22 51 AMPhoto Mar 24, 12 29 15 AMPhoto Mar 24, 12 32 55 AM

The line of cars had some brave souls and some souls just U-turned it and left. Most of the taxis just left…we figured those were the ones with radio friends telling them it’s not worth the humiliation of our surveillance cam. Others still tried, those we assumed they weren’t in with the cool kids. Sucks. We even saw a police car with it’s sirens on decide it wasn’t worth it. We saw a couple hit and runs but this big white van down there on the left was the fave. He was about third in line at the bottom of the hill. CUTS in front of the line. Makes it halfway up confidently, then swerves out of control. Thank goodness there was no one parked on the left hand side as he runs into the curb. Don’t let that perfectly parallel parking job fool you. It was a hott mess. He tried to move out of that spot and can’t…like, a lot. Then, some car tried to come down the hill and runs right into the van. If that isn’t Karma for breaking a rule that you learn in Kindergarten, I really don’t know what is. But then again, maybe he didn’t have Ms. Laviolette. Don’t cut. Or, as J would say, we live in a society. Phew!

Photo Mar 24, 12 26 00 AM Photo Mar 24, 1 03 12 AM

When I tell you we were cracking up! It’s not that funny? W. It was. Especially this last guy who put Bobby to shame with his straight line. We clapped every time someone made it to the top. I hope you had a fun weekend too, without any dents in your car.



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Abbaye de Villers

Abbaye de Villers via MontgomeryFest

Just when we thought spring had sprung, we woke up on Sunday to another dose of winter. The ground was a fluffy couple layers of white, so we took advantage and headed to one of the more picturesque areas of Belgium we’d had on our list. Abbaye de Villers is a Cistercian abbey founded in 1146 (!). The abbey was completely rebuilt by the 13th century during its high point. The estate covered a good twenty-five thousand acres with 100 monks and 300 lay brothers (I mean, whoa). It wasn’t until the French Revolution that the abbey was abandoned in 1796. Today, the ruins make for an exquisite day trip if you’re in the area. For springtime photos and the inspiration for our trip, check out Cheese Web’s article.

Also, I told J that he should write this post since it’s his photos and his story to tell ( I was kinda just dancing around this place. It’s whatever.) and he maybe uttered two sentences that I’m supposed to remember at this point how? So, I’m just going to let the pictures do the talking and if you need a story, HERE‘s one. I probably reference her story once a day because obviously.

Abbaye de Villers via MontgomeryFest

I couldn’t choose which were my fave,
so I went a little cray with the photo uploading.
Click here to see the whole lot of ’em..


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Snow until patio weather..please.

MontgomeryFest in snowMontgomeryFest in snow

I’m a southern girl who greatly enjoys her warm weather and sun dresses. And as soon as the weather hits a balmy 15C (this is me transitioning, so that Antonija and I can have full conversations without calling over to our husbands to translate something for us..I’m working on the time/speed/baby weight/Croatian) out here, I’m sure I’ll be able to justify wearing only two layers of garb…with accessories…because necklaces are cold. In the meantime, I’m fuh-reezing in these negative something temps. Oh, how life has changed. We went from counting down the minutes to 5:00p to dash off to find a patio with A/C for Happy Hour with frozen margaritas to these days where if I have nothing pressing, I’ll choose to not leave the flat for days in a row and our HHs have turned into hot chocolate and a limited number of vin chauds so as to still be able to successfully navigate the train system. So, this is going to sound terribly contradictory: 1. I’m ready for patio weather stat. So, bring on the spring! No, seriously, bring it. 2. But, if we have to endure this crazy long cold front (what? you mean this is what winter is…oooooh!) then let it snow. No, really. Don’t let the white stuff melt or turn to ice…because that parts dangerous. (So many relationship code stories here – you’re welcome photo-bomber) The snow makes the cold infinitely better. It’s so pretty and clean and makes for really fun days in the park that even dogs love. Also, the sound of little kids sledding might be the most precious thing ever. I wish you could hear the laughter and zoom close to see all of the rosy cheeks. It makes for a pretty stellar day at the Bois.   Continue reading


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