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And the town cheered with excitement

Ghent, Belgium via MontgomeryFest

Because we were one for three. Three times the mister and I have tried to hit up a river cruise in the country of Belgium. That first time was kinda our fault..the forecast said it was pretty out, or maybe we didn’t check the weather? Who can even remember at this point, it was like 39 days ago or something. We got in the car and drove straight up to Ghent and parked our car  and walked outside and let it pour down on us for like eight seconds before we decided – nope.. Okay, maybe it was a light rain, but it was cold and being on the water sounded little fun. Bummer. So, we walked back inside and bought some watercolor paint in the parking garage slash shopping mall and got back in our car and drove straight back down to Brussels where I can’t remember if it was raining or not, but that’s beside the point.  That second time was with the ladies in Bruges and the weather was a tiny bit chilly, but not a rain cloud in sight and J and I’s eyes lit up when we walked over a canal by chance and saw a guided tour float by under our bridge.  Maybe?! Nope. Nanan nixed that idea up and real quick since her layer of thermals wasn’t warm enough. On land we stayed. Such is the life of a host.

But! Last Saturday, the stars aligned and there was sunshine and it was just the two of us and we saw our chance.

And the town of Ghent was so excited for us that they all came out to welcome us and, well okay, not totally just for that, but there were many a Belgian and non-Belgian alike amongst those cobblestone streets. I love when you get close to the center of a city and, whether it’s official or not, the cars turn away and all there are are people walking, bicycling, meandering, enjoying the leisurely life along the streets…in the masses (sooo many people here!). Actually, I take that back. Leisurely and bicycles don’t go together in these parts. It’s a serious, fast-paced agenda that bicycling in Northern Europe. We boarded our wooden yacht and sat back watching boats bump into each other and then waving ‘pardon’ or whatever the Dutch word is (sorry Dutch friends)…are they seriously smiling?! So many people. We laughed at the signs on every seat saying tipping was customary in 4 different languages guaranteeing you couldn’t miss it because it’s funny that tipping is not customary in Europe but tipping IS customary on tourist rides. The adventure began and we listened to the tour in English, French, Dutch and maybe there was another one, but my ears only tuned in when they heard english or a french term that they didn’t use during the English translation (what the heck.). Kinda rad how the brain does that, but can’t remember the grammar rules for capitalizing languages (help?) to save my life. Capitalization for all!

Gent, BelgiumPhoto Jun 08, 4 55 08 PM
Ghent, Belgium via MontgomeryFestGhent, Belgium via MontgomeryFest
Ghent, Belgium Photo Jun 08, 5 45 45 PMGhent, Belgium

You see, the thing about floating under a willow tree is that it’s lovely. 



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Champagne of Beers

Cantillon Brewery via MontgomeryFest

No, not High Life. Lambic. And I title this directly from the half tour guide’s mouth. Half tour guide because when we walked in, the guy asked us if we wanted to sign up for the tour that was leaving in five minutes…in English, no less. Well, yeah! Perfect. After he gathered our group, we got a short intro about the *beer stuff, he handed out pamphlets and told us the numbers on the path correspond to the numbered descriptions in the pamphlet. Uuuuuh? So, half tour guide.

Cantillon Brewery via MontgomeryFestCantillon Brewery via MontgomeryFestCantillon Brewery via MontgomeryFestCantillon Brewery via MontgomeryFestCantillon Brewery via MontgomeryFest

We love a good walking/drinking tour, but we weren’t in the mood to read paragraphs about each station in the dark. So, we made the loop around the brewery pretty quickly and collected our beers at the end. Yes, I was afraid we’d look like the alcoholics rushing to get to the booze, but we were definitely not alone from our group. Half tour = just a trip to the bar. We ran into a friend that J and I used to work with in Dallas who now lives in Madrid..Life, you small. Then we picked up a Gueuze, Kriek, and Rosé to go and went on our merry way. Definitely check it out if you get a chance. It’s way cool. We plan on bringing you A&JMcG!

Cantillon Brewery via MontgomeryFestCantillon Brewery via MontgomeryFestCantillon Brewery via MontgomeryFest Cantillon Brewery via MontgomeryFestCantillon Brewery via MontgomeryFest

*beer stuff: In 1900, the Cantillon family founded the Brussels brewery. Today, the process hasn’t changed and it’s the only brewery still in the city. Ingredients: raw wheat, malted barley, and three-year old dried hops. The transformation inside the barrels takes one to three years to finish brewing. Sheesh. And in the fruit flavored beers, the sugars in the fruit mix with the yeast causing bubbles, making it the Champagne of Beers. Bam!


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Around This Flat

For five months this has been our little home. It makes us happy and is ever-changing. A few snapshots of its current state..

MontgomeryFest's Vinyl CollectionLes Fleurs

^music fills our life // there’s leftover love day remnants and aren’t you crazy impressed with those gigantic leaves??..straight up tropical in here

BasilFruit Bats

^basil plant stuck around for one mozzarella and tomato snack, now its leaving us with a view // the song..our song..our life together


^typical // the middle man

Mardi Gras Masks

^festival posters yet to be unwrapped and unhung art from Gavin Guidry, age 5, budding artist.

maybe one day we’ll put this place together enough to feature a full-on tour.. we’ll see.

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