Pula, Hrvatska

Pula, Croatia | Montgomery FestThis is the Adriatic Sea. And, this is what we did for the entire week. There was some island exploring and mixing with the Istrian locals, but for the most part we just floated. And it was mahhvelous.

Pula, Croatia | Montgomery FestIt took us a little while to figure out what roads were on this little peninsula, so we ended up lost…quite a bit. Thankfully so, because we stumbled upon this quiet, little cove on the first day that had a perfectly untouched, natural beauty and declared it our favorite. There was one other group that must have felt the same way, because they set up shop with a leaf-covered fort that looked pretty permanent. We were highly impressed.

Pula, Croatia | Montgomery FestPula, Croatia | Montgomery FestPula, Croatia | Montgomery Fest
We had a fool-proof agenda everyday:

wake up // head to a cove // grab a beer and float to the middle // repeat.

Sometimes we’d pack a lunch or sometimes we’d run back to the flat for a quick bite, before we’d move on to another beach. We tried different coves, but ultimately decided that first quiet one we stumbled upon was just our type…perfect for maximum floating agendas.

The locals seemed to be impressed with the Stoja area..it was wonderfully picturesque, if a little too populated for our tastes…wink.

Stoja | Pula, Croatia | Montgomery FestStoja | Pula, Croatia | Montgomery Fest
At the southern most tip of the Istrian peninsula lies the Kamenjak National Park. The combination of the cliffs and the turquoise water around that park…man. We tried out multiple spots along the coast, guided by the amount of clothed humans. 

Kamenjak | Pula, Croatia | Montgomery FestKamenjak | Pula, Croatia | Montgomery FestOn the last day, we took a break from all of that floating and toured the town of Pula. It holds the incredibly preserved, 6th largest Roman amphitheater, Pula Arena. Apparently, they hold shows and concerts inside. I’m pretty sure that would be the ultimate date night – dinner on a yacht in the Adriatic and movie in the arena. Honey, take note.

Pula Arena | Pula, Croatia | Montgomery FestPula Arena | Pula, Croatia | Montgomery FestPula Arena | Pula, Croatia | Montgomery FestPula, Croatia | Montgomery FestPula, Croatia | Montgomery FestThe day was a scorcher, so after a tour through the arena and a run through midtown to find a patch for our aging travel bag (the ‘Dad bag’ as I like to call it when J keeps snacks in there. So prepared that one.), we moved right along to the town of Fažana to catch a boat ride out to the Brijuni Islands.

Fazana, Croatia | Montgomery FestFazana, Croatia | Montgomery FestPula, Croatia | Montgomery FestFazana, Croatia | Montgomery FestFazana, Croatia | Montgomery FestBrijuni Islands | Montgomery FestTalk about exotic. There are dinosaur footprints scattered around the largest of the 14 isles. Before it became a Croatian National Park with these fabulous striped creatures, the island was the personal State Summer Residence to then Yugoslavia’s president, Josep Broz Tito. Guy liked animals. While entertaining visiting heads of state they’d often bring him a new little pet to add to his collection. Indian elephants, cougars, goats, pretty much anything.

Brijuni Islands | Montgomery Fest
We rented a flat just outside of Pula in Štinjan, it was our first Airbnb experience, and, it was awesome. Place was: 1 – huge, 2 – brand new, 3 – air conditioned, 4 – close to our favorite beaches, and 5 – had the best hosts we could have hoped for. Ingrid and Franco made us feel so at home and we were so excited to have them accept our invitation for drinks on our (their?) balcony one evening. They shared stories about growing up in the area, how they met (Annie’s standard question when meeting new couples), and brought us a giant platter of deserts from their bakery on the ground floor. Hearts, won. As beautiful as everything was during our visit, staying at their Villa YoYo was the best, and if you make your way down to Pula (trust us, you should), a stay with Ingrid and Franco is recommended.

Fazana | Montgomery Fest

that feeling? why, that feeling is called bliss.


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27 responses to “Pula, Hrvatska

  1. I am contemplating a Croatia vaca myself, and this is a great advertising for it. Also, I LOVE LOVE LOVE your gigantic hat. LOVE!

  2. pollyheath

    This post gave me a sunburn just looking at it, but damn, seems worth it!

  3. Floating in Dbrovnik is #2 on my bucket list. So beautiful.

  4. Wow, these pictures are stunning! I’ve wanted to visit Croatia- it looks like such a beautiful, relaxing place with so much culture! Glad you guys had a great time.

  5. Lovely pics. I especially like the first one. And also, “maximum floating agendas”!

  6. Megan

    So pretty! I loved your pics…eventually I’ll make it to Croatia!

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  8. Gorgeous! I have to make it out there one day. Love the hat and red dress btw

  9. Beautiful photos, and I love your hat too. It makes me want to hop a jet now and fly over.

  10. When I see photos like yours, makes me just want to hop on the first plane out of dreary-wet-England (though the sun is shinning as I type this)… I better find a huge money-box soon and label it “Travel Fund” DO NOT TOUCH!

  11. The sea looks fantastic, and I noticed that you two were holding hands again….

  12. Seems you found the entrance of PARADISE (and didn’t have to die for it).

  13. Looks amazing! These photos are so beautiful!

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