We’re Still Not Done

Austrian Alps

I’m just going to pretend it’s not Monday and J had to leave me to go get some bacon or something and keep on keepin’ on with the rest of our holiday trip. After Austria, not much else compared…enough so that we barely took any pictures and can cram it all into one post. I spent the better part of J’s birthday napping in the car (he still hasn’t <read: is afraid to> taught me how to drive the car). It was actually much better for him since once I did wake up, I realized how many flippin tunnels we were going through. The drive along the Austrian Alps has got to be the most scenic drive of my entire life.  But as soon as we started heading straight toward the mountains, there was a whole lotta hyperventilating and ‘what if..’s and ‘do they  know..’s goin on. At one point, they actually made us PAY to go INTO a TUNNEL. Okay, I’m getting this under control.

Here is Liechtenstein. We were there for an hour and I’m quite confident we saw everything. Very Little House in Liechtenstein if you have to describe it. I did appreciate the colorful houses..


We made it to Basel, Switzerland that evening. I’ll show you a photo of our hotel room, but it comes with a warning. So, don’t scroll down unless you’re ready. I’ll fill in until you are. We’re not sure if it was the time of year that we went or if our expectations were too high or just the fact that we had just left Austria still in awe, but we had a hard time finding things we liked. The Old Town area was really sweet with the Christmas lights against the cute, antique buildings, but there was NOthing to do. We kept walking and walking hoping to find a quaint, little pub to grab a celebratory birthday drink in with no avail. So, we gave up and then went back to the room and, being as graceful as I am, I turned the right side of the below photo rouge with red wine. Oops. But, really. It was Christmas and red and green are pretty. Anyway, puhlease let us know if you have any recommendations and hopefully we can to a redemption post for Switzerland. But, we’ll see. Ready now?

photo-2Basel, SwitzerlandBasel, SwitzerlandBasel, Switzerland

The next morning it was rainy so we gave up on Switzerland and drove north til there was sun. We’ve heard a lot about Strasbourg, France since the EU moves Parliament from Brussels to there once a month (a European quirk for another day). And we totally found out what all the hype is about. 

Strasbourg, France via MontgomeryFest

We don’t want to spoil too much now because we’re already eyeing Strasbourg for another trip.. So here’s a little sneak peak of things to come.. And hey! Lafayette!

Strasbourg, France via MontgomeryFestStrasbourg, France via MontgomeryFestStrasbourg, France via MontgomeryFestStrasbourg, France via MontgomeryFestStrasbourg, France via MontgomeryFestStrasbourg, France via MontgomeryFest

After that, it was a straight shot to Brussels. Glad to be back home.

Phew! That was tiring…


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5 responses to “We’re Still Not Done

  1. I was in Austria and Switzerland a few years ago. SO beautiful. And driving is the best way to see a country! Glad you enjoyed yourselves and are home safely now! Also, thank you for taking the time to stop by my blog. Happy New Year!

  2. Kimberly

    Yall need to check out Lucerne, Switzerland! It was my favorite place on my European trip…absolutely beautiful!

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