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Zagreb, Hrvatska

Phew. Made it to Croatia. That was one marathon of a road trip. Just one more city stop, Zagreb. So much walking and sight-seeing in the heat..at this point, all we wanted was to sit on the beach for a week. One more day. Just get there.

Our first impression of the city was pretty slow, until we got to the Upper Town. Situated on a hill in the center of the city, the charm of the area won us over. Especially since we were there in time for the International Folklore Festival – so perfect.

Zagreb, Croatia Zagreb, CroatiaZagreb, Croatiazagreb
At the top of the hill is St. Mark’s Church in all its marvel. It’s one of Zagreb’s most emblematic buildings with its unique tiled roof constructed in 1880. The 13th-century church was named for the annual St Mark’s fair. She’s a beauty.
Zagreb, CroatiaZagreb, Croatiazagreb
Zagreb, Croatia
Zagreb, CroatiaEverywhere we went there was a piece of the festival.

We only needed a couple of hours to see the cute stuff and it was nearing dinner time, so we thought we’d exit the hill and find something less touristy to get our grub on.20130810-202844.jpgzagrebThe yellow. Oh, the yellow.zagrebzagrebafterlight (24)IMG_1758When we got to the bottom with zero luck of finding an authentic patio, we weighed our options of driving through the main town where we wouldn’t have the slightest idea of where to get good food OR trudging back up the hill to that one Italian resto that looked semi promising. Italian won, as it does, and we promised our feet that this was the LAST hurdle before they were floating in the water. promise.

And wouldn’t you know it, that Italian resto did not disappoint. I had lasagna and J had a risotto….plus! a bottle of wine, all for 20 euro. We had to check our math because that is crazy talk from Brussels standards. So, if you’re looking for a cheap vacation..

Up next, paradise…


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The Belgian Coast Post

I see that snow post and I raise it with a beach post. This one’s been in the works for a while, I don’t exactly know why, but it makes me really happy, so I’m unveiling it this week when I’m in much need of a vacation…on a beach…with the Croatians.

Vedran and Antonija are expecting little Elza any day now. And can I tell you, I’m stoked. I can’t freaking wait to meet this little girl who is already a big part of our lives. I won’t tell you how I practice holding her because that would be weird. Anyway, all five of us went to the beach back in February. It was the loveliest of lovely days. We started off with homemade American pancakes (from scratch!), then road tripped to the coast because Vedran scheduled for the sun to be there..he has a knack for that. This adorableness is what ensued, so go ahead and fall in love with their little family of 3..

Photo Feb 17, 3 39 56 PMIMG_0669Photo Mar 27, 4 41 32 PMIMG_0659-001Photo Feb 17, 3 50 32 PM

Yep, he did jump. Yep, he did get soaked. | And then Elza got hungry….

Photo Feb 17, 4 33 12 PM Photo Feb 17, 4 37 14 PM

And that’s the last we ever saw of the red beret from France. Also, I’ve decided that Ostend is Little White Dog Central. So, there’s that.


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